SRH Aufzüge GmbH is an integrated multinational enterprise which develops,  researches and manufactures elevators, control systems and other core components as well as parking system.
The company is located in Bremen, the second largest port city in Germany, that is the manufacturing base of large electronics, shipbuilding, steel industry enterprises such as Mercedes-Benz, and European largest aerospace manufacturer Astrium; Bremen is one of largest education and technology park but also the second largest foreign trade hub in Germany and the world's largest port city for motor vehicle trade.
In Germany, as a member of VFA-Interlift e.V., SRH Aufzüge GmbH has participated in the drafting of the EU standards and norms for elevators. It has formed close strategic alliance with German large and medium-sized complete elevator and elevator parts manufacturing companies with a long history of manufacturing and gradually established an international territory centered in Germany and extending to regions all over the world.
We have established Sicher Elevator Co., Ltd. as the work of SRH Aufzüge GmbH in China and introduced German advanced technology and management, and provided control systems, traction machines, door operators and other core components to Sicher Elevator Co. Ltd. Thus we can research, develop and manufacture elevator (escalator) and parking system with German industrial quality in joint efforts.
SRH Aufzüge GmbH adheres to safety as the core brand value and is committed to being the safest elevator manufacturer and service provider, providing original SRH brand elevator made in Germany to customers worldwide.